At 04:39 PM 3/19/2004, Dan Rue <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Umm..  I don't know what other people think about this - but I really
never run any PHP stuff from ports.  It is easier, imo, to just download
the tgz and unzip it to the directory you want it in.

Yes, exactly. You can download the latest PHP-Nuke sources and have a test installation up very quickly.

As far as which cms to use, I'm currently undecided as well.


After some googling and testing I settled on Geeklog, and it is doing the job for my small-time personal site, but I am not married to it. ( It is probably not robust enough if you need a very flexible, generalized CMS. It's more a weblog/portal with plugins for other stuff like file management.

  My boss
really likes drupal, and forces me to use it :)  Check out - they showcase dozens of php cms' and let you try
them out.

If Scott or anyone else draws any conclusions from their own testing, please post!

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