Thanks Mark - but I did run the script provided off their site. It left a temp log file, which got erased when I rebooted. I'm wondering if I should try and run it again, and keep all the debug info this time? Maybe that would help me debug this problem...

Has anyone else had this sort of...weird...glitch?


I had also troubles upgrading gnome using the script. With me the /var/tmp files where saved (Why? dunno). It showed me what ports whacked the installation (wait 8 hours to see them, then wait another 8 to recompile everything again).

I updated the offending ports manually with portupgrade, and deinstalled kopete which gave headache (2 times).

After that, the install went smooth, took about 24 hours to run all the updates, manual portupgrade's remove the offending one, and startup gnome again.



Kind regards,

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