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Hi there,
  Something strange has happened.  In gnome-2.4 I had the
CPU/Memory/Network monitors setup on my bottom bar, as well as my
battery meter, etc.  Now with Gnome-2.6 upgraded (mostly OK, crashed
towards the VERY end...), all my things don't work right anymore.
All apps like GnomeMeeting, the battery meter, etc appear to be
completely messed up.  For the most part, they run, but none of the
words, etc are there!  The battery meter, when I click on it, only
shows the "Do Not Enter" ERROR box, no text and nothing else visible
- again, no words, etc.  The same goes for GnomeMeeting.  Also when
I try to run the proccess display applet, nothing shows up, just the
line graph of CPU usage, but nothing such as process names,
descriptions, etc or menu items along the top shows up anymore.  HOW
do I fix this?!

GTK+ was updated recently and this sounds like what happens when apps that use it get out of sync with it. You will have to recompile everything that uses GTK+. I suggest portupgraded.

/me recently saw this himself with the gtk apps he uses when updated

Are you saying that a portupgrade -fRra is required?

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