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This is on 5.2-CURRENT

I want to apply devfs rules to a jails /dev. I am starting my jails manually and not through rc.conf (directly -- I have written my own rc script to start my jails since I have a bunch of file system stuff like mounting some localhost nfs and some md device mounts to do as part of the launch).

I noticed that /etc/defaults/devfs.rules has a default set of rules that one might use with a jail, so I am starting there. It appears that this is ruleset 4

Since I am running my stuff inside an rc.d style script, and I noticed a bunch of devfs related routines in /etc/rc.subr I tried the following

devfs_rulesets_from_file /etc/defaults/devfs.rules
devfs_domount /jail/host/dev devfsrules_jail

in my script.

It does mount the devfs in the right place but it does not seem to apply the rules.

An example would be appreciated if anyone else does this directly.


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