On Sun, May 09, 2004 at 07:16:02AM -0400, Bob Perry wrote:
> > > > Was unsucessful at upgrading my ports system Saturday due to a
> > > > failure during the port index update.  More specifically, I
> > > > received an error message stating that mail/lmtpd file failed.
> Wanted tp provide an update. CVSup'd my system and upgraded the INDEX
> (portsdb -uU).  Everything went well.  Did receive warnings of dup-
> licate entries of two ports in the INDEX, but apparently nothing major.

Yeah, that's expected when you have certain ports installed
(e.g. gtk); some ports exist in multiple variants (e.g. with and
without gtk support by default), but they detect the installed port
and end up with the same name.  It's harmless, so you can safely
ignore it.

> Thanks again for your support.

Thanks for following up.


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