On Wednesday 05 May 2004 09:42 am, Joshua Lokken wrote:
> * Bob Perry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-05-04 22:04]:
> > Was unsucessful at upgrading my ports system Saturday due to a
> > failure during the port index update.  More specifically, I
> > received an error message stating that mail/lmtpd file failed.
> >
> > The upgrade process is fairly basic beginning with a backup of
> > /var/db/pkg, followed with pkgdb -Fv, cvsup -g -L 2 -z cvsupfile,
> > and then portsdb -uU.  The error ocurred during the index update
> > and a message followed describing the error stating "Makefile",
> > line 47: You cannot use DB3 and DB4 in the same time.
> I've been using the ports collection happily for a couple of years
> now, and portsdb -Uu has correctly made me an index once.  I believe
> it's redundant, though, to immediately follow a cvsup with a portsdb
> -Uu, as the cvsup takes care of the index for you.  I wouldn't worry
> too much; I've seen other folks recommend recvsupping and trying
> again; It should be ok to ignore it; at least I always have.

This is really not true. INDEX is updated infrequently and depending on 
the version cvsup downloads will leave you with a version that can be 
as much as 2 months out of date. 

If you don't use ports such as portupgrade, it doesn't matter because 
make will use the proper parameters from the port location. If you want 
to use portupgrade, you have to rebuild INDEX[-5] and INDEX.db after 
every cvsup.

If you check the update dates on INDEX, you will see that it was updated 
on 1 May, 28 Apr, 3 Apr, and then on 13 Feb. You could have missed an 
important security fix because none of the ports such as portversion or 
pkg_version would have recognized that the port had been updated.

If it has only made a proper INDEX twice for you, I really suspect that 
you are refusing ports that are important to the make index process. I 
build the INDEXs twice a day and the last time make index failed was on 
12-13 Apr. FWIW, portsdb -U now uses "make index" to build INDEX.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA

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