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On Sun, 9 May 2004, David Fleck wrote:

> 'links -g', eh?
>   dcf>$ links -g
>   Unknown option -g

Reading the 'links' project pages puts graphic rendering at links version
>=2.0, I believe. I couldn't find an appropriate RPM for my 2.4.x Linuxes
but had no problem building and installing from sources. I did need to put 
X11 development support (headers, basically) into my underwhelming laptop 
in order to build there (and to have a couple of cups of coffee while 
configuration and build took place).

It doesn't do everything, but it sure does a basic minimum very well. 
Netscape takes about 1 minute to start and Links is up in a few seconds, 
exactly solving the original poster's problem (and mine).

I couldn't get the non-X11 SVGA configuration to work, but I didn't 
really want that. Looked like a permissions issue, and maybe conflict 
with XF86.

 - John Mills

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