in message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, wrote Zhang Weiwu
> she want to put her ancient Pentium 100 notebook (24MB memory)
> running FreeBSD 4.9, ... She want it to just function as a browser
> machine, she don't even need a window manager

Ion, treewm, or tvtwm should be enough for a window manager if
really want one.  (Oh, my favourite is FVWM, from fvwm-devel port,
currently 2520 kB resident set size, 3336 kB virtual size, 4476 KB

> Perhaps Epiphany is the only choice? If so can we make it even
> lighter?

I have not tried Epiphany; its default long dependency list sure is
scary.  Looking inside the Makefile it seems if you delete/comment
out "if defined(PACKAGE_BUILDING)..." block, the actual list would
be quite reduced.  Hopefully there is enough space to install both
mozilla & epiphany.  If not, all the non essential mozilla files can
be deleted.

Going only on the default dependency list, Mozilla w/ GTK v1, from
mozilla-gtk1 port, would be smaller at least on disk; can't say
about memory requirements as i have never checked while it runs.

Have you checked Netscape, Firefox or Opera?  I suppose a text
browser either w/ image, w3m-img, and/or JavaScript support would
not cut it?

  - Parv


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