Jon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm looking for some quick help with the 5.2.1 C compiler.  In FBSD 4.x
> I could write multi-line printf() statements with embedded new-lines
> such as:
>         printf("
>                 hello,
>                 this
>                 is
>                 a 
>                 test");
> In 5.2.1, the newlines have to be preceeded with a "\" character.  Since
> I have some large programs with lots of printf() statements that include
> embedded new-lines, I'm not looking forward to going through thousands
> of lines of code to add "\" characters.  Is there any command line 
> option
> option to "cc" (didn't find one in the manpage) or other way to compile
> my old code the way it is?

I don't think so.  It is (and, I believe, always was) illegal
according to the C standard, and it had been been deprecated in gcc
for several years (with appropriate warnings in the 3.x GCC releases).
You'll need to convert your code to be valid C or take it up with the
GCC developers.

Time for an awk script, I think.
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