On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 07:41:08AM -0400, Mike Jeays wrote:

> I have received no messages at all from freebsd-questions, or one or two
> of the other FreeBSD mailing lists, for about 2 days.  Do you know if
> there is a problem at their end, or has perhaps my ISP decided they are
> all spam?

Well, there's no obvious problem with the FreeBSD servers -- plenty of
e-mail traffic flowing.  There might be a problem sending to your
system specifically, in which case you can check and see if your
address has been suspended via MailMan:

Go here:


and then type in your e-mail address in the very last field on that
page, and click 'Unsubscribe or edit options'.  On the next page,
enter your password (you should get a monthly reminder of what your it
is) and click 'login'.  You'll be able to verify and modify your
subscription status from the page you get to.

Sending messages to your e-mail address will be disabled if your
bounce score goes above 5.0 or if there are configuration errors with
the mail servers you are trying to use.  If it's your ISP bouncing the
e-mail then get a better ISP.



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