Gary Kline wrote:
On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 02:22:46PM -0400, Bill Moran wrote:

Gary Kline wrote:

For some months I've had increasing troubles with my 4.9/4.10 abruptly crashing. This morning I found my
workhorse server, tao, down and hung up while trying to
fsck /usr. I cleaned everything thoroughly and then
started xdm. The grey screen showed, the mouse was frozen;
after 30 seconds, BOOM. Another crash. After yet another round of fsck's, I tried startx. To see what errs might kill the X11 boot. No: same blank grey screen,
same frozen mouse,same OS crash.

        I tried /stand/sysinstall to reconfigure X.  No luck.
        I'm now doing my next stable sup upgrade and am doing
        yet another buildworld  && buildkernel.

I doubt this will resolve the X Window snafu, tho. So:::
what x11/*XFree* ports do I have to fetch/build/install??
((I'm assuming the reason for the crash was X-related,
but this is only a first-SWAG.) Also, if anybody has had a similar problem, please let me know.

I'm just speculating, but it sounds like it's your window manager that's not starting, although X seems to actually be working.

When I just tried X with startx (as root), I always got the defaukolt twm. Here is what in root's .xsession::

        twm &
        xterm &
        xterm &

I'm using ctwm in my /home/kline acct. Pretty basic.

Perhaps my speculation is wrong, then ... it just sounded like a wm problem from your description.

In my experience, big, complex wms like Gnome and KDE tend to have
trouble off and on.  I've found that deleting everything from /tmp
will sometimes fix things.  Other times, I've been able to get things
going again by deleting the .gnome (and other, similar directories)
from my home directory.  Note that this second one blows away all your
Gnome settings.

I'm test gnome and kde3 on my new 5.2 server; it's temp'y offline. There are lots of GUI-goodies in these wmanagers
but my bias is to 'keep it simple, sir'. ctwm along with
lots of tuning has served for around 7 years... .

        Snce my mouse "X" was frozen, maybe the mouse daemon never
        exec'd.  Could that have crashed the OS?  Another strange
        new fault is that took a long time to do anything.

Yeah, that doesn't sound like a wm.

        This line:

        May 21 09:55:17 tao /kernel: Doing initial network setup:

        hung more than a minute.  Do you//does anybody have a clue
        re this new problem?

In /etc/, the first thing that happens after that message is printed is the hostname is set if not already set. I wonder if there's some reason the hostname command could be taking a long time if there's no hostname set yet?

        Anyway, thanks for your data-points.  I'll summarize to
        the list if/when I figure out what's going oon.  I've had
        lots of strange events, but this is a new one......

Good luck.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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