On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 12:41:47AM -0700, Kent Stewart wrote:
> On Monday 24 May 2004 10:53 pm, Gary Kline wrote:
> > On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 10:30:09PM -0700, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> > > On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 09:45:08PM -0700, Gary Kline wrote:

        [[ ... ]]

> It will be slow by modern standards but probably a lot faster than what 
> you are using now. I wouldn't buy it because it is a duron and not an 
> XP. That is sort of simiar to buying a Celeron and not a P-4. I don't 
> think the Duron's have either the data paths or bandwidth. Besides, 
> what I see is 2400+'s going for $80+ and the 133MHZ fsb is 
> IMPORTANT :). I also think that USB-2 is important for future options. 

        So there are different flavors of AMD?  Hm.  I just found
        this computer store and they have a 'barebones' box for $200
        and would be only too happy to have me upgrade the processor,
        mem,, and drive.

> FWIW, none of my new systems have floppies and the smallest has 3 x 40GB 
> HDs. The new HDs all run ATA-133 and have 8MB of cache. I have about 
> 40GB of mp3 and wma that I have created from CDs that I own and backup 
> on one of the 2400's. It isn't the one with the 3-40's :). None of the 
> on-board audio connect to the CD-Rom with a digital connection. Digital 
> extraction turns out to be very important when converting audio cds.

        They've got a 120G drivefor around $80, IIRC...  For me, 
        having lots of memory is more important than a large drive;
        but thn I don't have forty G of mp3's!  

> An ATA-133 controller is also important because you will find it 
> difficult to buy HDs under 120GB and the older mobo may not recognize 
> the newer, large ones. A 2400+ with ATA-133 HDs will do a buildworld in 
> 18 minutes. 
> >
> >     Anyway, this one can be a starting point if/when I spring
> >     for it.  But what about the Video and Sound?  Are the FBSD
> >     problems going to ID the kind of chipsets on this board?
> I happen to like Creative Audigy Sound Cards and only 5-current will 
> recognize it. I don't have a high opinion of on mobo sound but I am 
> using one. I definitely do not like on board video. Every system I have 
> had to support with on board video came up lacking but my fastest ftp 
> sessions come between 2 machines with onboard SiS NICs. In the end, my 
> only won't touch bias is on board video.

        On this server (i815), the video uses the system SDRAM and
        since I'm not a gamer whatever chip-set this has is adequate.
        Anyboy know what kind of on-board video comes with the
        AMD mobo's?  (Am I going to be pulling my hair trying to get
        it working? in other words.)  
> I am currently using 4-stable on that system with the Audigy and do 
> without sound on those days when I boot that system to FreeBSD. Most of 
> the time it is running XP because I have to maintain my Nomad Zen2 from 
> XP. It also shares a monitor, keyboard, and mouse with the 3 systems 
> that run FreeBSD almost 100%.The 2 - 2400's run FreeBSD most of the 
> time. The 1400 Duron will probably take 2-3x longer.
> >
> >     Would you gents, Chris, Kent, Kris, recommend a second or
> >     second and third fan?  The AMD's are known to run hot.
> >     This is at computersonics, just down the hill and a few/several
> >     bloks east.
> >
> The last 2 2400+ XPs that I bought had enough fans on them. They run 
> setiathome 24x7, which keeps the cpu at 100%. I have one in an Antec 
> Sonata case and the other in one of the other Antec's. The Sonata has 
> its name spelled in holes at the top of both sides of the case but only 
> has a 120mm push fan. The Sonata power supply has 2 fans that help keep 
> the system cool. It runs 4-5oC cooler than the other 2400+ in the other 
> Antec case that has both a push and pull 120mm case fans. The HDs pull 
> out from the side, which makes accessing them very easy. Almost all of 
> my cases have 3 or more fans that cool the cases. I don't want to lose 
> a system because the case got too hot because the only fan died.
> Think about what you will be content with for x-more years and go with 
> it. If it is the 1400, so be it. When I buy something, I want to know 
> all of the negatives so that what I buy is the combo that irritates me 
> the least :).

        Thanks for your input.  It's helping me to know what to
        avoid; and what things to consider.  I probably will go
        for the XP and an 80G drive.  The "integrated" audio 
        and video are still open questions.


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