Wayne Pascoe wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just bought a server from DNUK . It claims to have the following
> Ethernet card combination:
> Intel PRO/1000 / 1000 Mbit / integrated
> Intel PRO/100 / 100 Mbit / integrated
> I've installed FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE onto the box, and all I see is em0,
> I don't see an fxp0 device.

Probably only the device ID of the card is not listed in the fxp0 driver.

Your case reminds of a very similar problem in c.o.f.m., where the
following made the card (also Intel) work (a PR has already been filed):

Try adding the following line into the following struct
static struct fxp_ident fxp_ident_table[]

    { 0x1051,   -1,     "Intel 82562ET Pro/100 Ethernet" },

This was a Tyan S5102G3NR motherboard with 3 onboard NICs. Of course,
the correct name for your NIC might be different, but that shouldn't
bee too much of a problem.

In case I guessed wrong, please provide me with the output of
  pciconfig -l
and I'll what I can do. A link to the specification of the motherboard
wouldn' hurt, either.


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