Peter Ulrich Kruppa wrote:

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Peter Risdon wrote:

The main cost of having computers for most companies lies not in software or hardware, but in support. I have been pondering the wisdom of automating the upgrade process, so that sources are cvsup'ed nightly and make buildworld buildkernel etc and portupgrade happen overnight maybe once a week or month - and perhaps every day a security fix is announced.
I'd be grateful for any input on this. I can picture waking up to find that every machine I administrate is simultaneously *#!$%ed one morning.

This would be the necessary result of complete automatization, wouldn't it?

That's the nub - is it the inevitable outcome?

Did you think about remote access? All administrative tasks on a FreeBSD system can be done via ssh from a text console. Thus you wouldn't have to be present personally, but keep full control of things.

Yes, that's what I normally do.



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