On Jun 19, 2004, at 3:26 AM, Michael W. Oliver wrote:

On 2004-06-18T23:17:14-0700, Joe Schmoe wrote:
So the question is, has any person, anywhere, at any
time, successfully installed 5.2.1-RELEASE on any
hardware whatsoever ?  Or is it just a practical joke
release ?

That's a tad caustic, don't you think?

I bet it's the devil logo that's screwing him up. We should change it.


FWIW, I have managed to get 5.2.1 to install on a LAM test system (ironic?) at work, once I set the CDROM to master on it's own channel (I had to remove the jumpter to install 4.9 because it crashed at boot until I did; 5.2.1 crashed at boot until I set it to the opposite way). I had burned the 2 meg install floppy to a small CD to install it after checking the MD5 sums.

It sounds like your install images or floppies were bad. I'd doublecheck the MD5's and if they check out, re-image some floppies (or try putting it on a CD...they tend to be more resilient).


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