On 2004-07-06 12:36, Erik Trulsson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If you go back a bit further in time there was the Great Worm of 1988,
> which targeted VAX and Sun3 systems running BSD code, and which
> actually did bring down most of the Internet at the time.  That was the
> incident that got people in the Unix community to start thinking seriously
> about security.

Heh.  Interesting to see written by someone else what I usually find myself
repeating to users of Windows who ask "yeah, but what about the `One True

What I find amusing to joke about is that "The Windows' crowds like using the
word `innovation' as a substitute for `many inexperienced repetitions of past

The fact that they don't seem to have taken the "Worm of 1988" too seriously
and more than 10 years after the first version of Windows was out they STILL
have virus problems is IMHO very typical of their inability or reluctance to
take advantage of the existing pools of experience (well, not always too
reluctant and not always 100% unable, but most of the time).


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