* On Fri, Jul 09, 2004 at 09:47:35PM +0100 Matthew Seaman wrote:
> IGNORECASE support hasn't been added to the one-true-awk in 5.x as far
> as I can tell.  I can find no mention of it searching through the
> sources via cvsweb.cgi -- mind you, that may well be because I just
> didn't manage to search very effectively.  Could you try running this
> command on a 5.x system?
>     % echo aB | awk 'BEGIN { IGNORECASE=1; } /ab/ { print "IGNORECASE works" }'
> On 4.x that prints out 'IGNORECASE works' -- from what you've said,
> I'd expect no output on 5.x

True.  No output.

> Looks like you've spotted a bug.  

Great.  Then I'm not crazy...in this matter anyway.

> You can certainly install gawk from ports if you want, but I wouldn't
> go replacing the system version with it -- awk(1) is vital for
> rebuilding world, kernel and you wouldn't want to run the risk of
> breaking that.  After all, being able to do a case insensitive search
> of the ports INDEX is not actually that important in the grand scheme
> of things.

That's what I thought.  Thanks for the confirmation.

Mark Frank
"The fix is only temporary...unless it works." - Red Green
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