Kevin Stevens wrote:

In an ISP of any size, the CS reps will be almost totally divorced from the infrastructure team. What OS' they support for customers has very little to do with what they run on the backside.


True there. They only support Bill's software and a Mac just because it are the two most used OS'. (You can't say that from Linux because every distribution is different and has different paths and such) For example, here in the Netherlands we have several ISPs where the service desk employees simply have a list in fromt of them with questions, but know nothing about computers at all. You can't expect of them to figure out how to get your connection up and running with all those Linux distributions, or BSD projects. Would be rather a PITA if one has an HP-UX, AIX or ALPHA machine serving as an internet gateway, don't you think?

Anyway, my ISP (Demon, for the Dutch folks on the list) is running FreeBSD (at least, their webservers. Not really sure about the rest), and they don't give support on FreeBSD either. They only support Windows and Mac as well. Which makes sense to me though. They have skilled folks on their service desk, but still you can't expect of them to know various of *NIX flavors.

So it got a little bit long, but at least you have my two cents.



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