Good Afternoon,

My name is Martin Laflamme - I am the President of a training company in Ottawa, 
Canada called Marketbridge Technologies.

Apx. a year ago, we hired a BSD expert - Dru Lavigne.  Her skills and expertise in BSD 
and various UNIX platforms has impressed us.  We therefore decided it would be only 
logical to start offering BSD training.  She also authored BSD Hacks published by 

Our best marketing tool would be advertising right on  If possible, we 
would like to find an agreement with to advertise on your website.  In 
exchange, we could provide compensation for every student who registers - perhaps 10 
or 15% of the course fee.

And, of course, it gets BSD out there a lot more.  Various companies in Ottawa, Canada 
think about going to Linux for their products lines - we have been approached for BSD 
courses in order to help these companies decide if they should use BSD or Linux.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Martin Laflamme
Cisco Certified Academy Instructor

Marketbridge Technologies, Inc.
Suite B-101
1066 Somerset St. West
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 4T3
Office: (613) 728-5504
Toll Free: (877) 595-5504
Cell: (613) 295-5504
FAX: (613) 841-8370
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