At 02:22 PM 7/20/2004, Lowell Gilbert wrote:

> > Can someone tell me how to get the FreeBSD 4.8 install CD to recognize my
> > Dell RAID array?  It needs the aac driver and it's not enabled on the 4.8
> > GENERIC kernel.
> You may need to go to the 5.2.1 version.

The aac driver was first introduced in 4.3, but it has come to support
more devices since then.  It definitely *was* enabled on 4.8, so the
original poster definitely needs to look a little more closely.

I've certainly had no trouble loading 4.8-RELEASE (from Walnut Creek CD distros) onto Dell platforms with built-in RAID (PERC 3/Di) using aac, and no trouble with either 4.8-STABLE or 4.9-STABLE since then.

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