> At 02:22 PM 7/20/2004, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> > > > Can someone tell me how to get the FreeBSD 4.8 install CD to recognize my
> > > > Dell RAID array?  It needs the aac driver and it's not enabled on the 4.8
> > > > GENERIC kernel.
> > >
> > > You may need to go to the 5.2.1 version.
> >
> >The aac driver was first introduced in 4.3, but it has come to support
> >more devices since then.  It definitely *was* enabled on 4.8, so the
> >original poster definitely needs to look a little more closely.
> I've certainly had no trouble loading 4.8-RELEASE (from Walnut Creek CD
> distros) onto Dell platforms with built-in RAID (PERC 3/Di) using aac, and
> no trouble with either 4.8-STABLE or 4.9-STABLE since then.

One of our sites got a Dell server 400 with a raid which I thought was
the aac and we could not install on it.   Finally he took it out and
put in an Adaptec SCSI and it all worked fine.  But, maybe it was really
a different raid controller.   I don't have it here to look at now.
Of course, I suppose the raid controller could have been DOA hardware.


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