On Tuesday 20 July 2004 22:32, Chris wrote:

> Why are you using CURRENT? Don't you know that you can expect things to
> break, not work, and overall see the end of the world as you know it?
> Well - maybe not the latter. Perhaps you might be better served running
> a STABLE branch instead of an Alpha?

Oh, I know things will break, all right! They break, and then I try to fix 
them, and so on... then eventually, if I can't sort it out on my own or find 
the answer with google, I ask for help, and if I'm lucky I get it!

> Things might work, and work better.

That would spoil the fun, surely :)

> Now,
> <Sarcasm>
> This post of yours ought to go to the CURRENT list.
> </Sarcasm>

Do you think so? I thought about it, and felt, on balance, that it belonged in 
questions@ - but since you suggest it I'll certainly try them. I can scarcely 
get less help than I've had so far :(

Oh well, I'll just have to keep rebooting into Windows...

Thanks anyway,
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