On Tuesday 20 July 2004 23:45, Thompson, Jimi wrote:

> If you have a machine that you actually _use_, my advice is that you
> should definitely not run "current".  While you will get the same kinds
> of responses that you typically get from the M$ OS, it's probably not
> what you want a "production" box, hence the reason that you're using
> FreeBSD to begin with.  We have some VERY vanilla web servers here that
> run 4.9, but again they are very basic and it doesn't take a whole lot
> to get apache and mod_perl to work properly.  Since you are running
> VMWare and doing some unusual things with your system, you should
> consider rolling back at least to 4.9 and maybe even to 4.10 which is
> the most up-to-date "STABLE" distro.

Thanks for your advice - it is very sensible - but I will ignore it anyway. 
I've been using FreeBSD for about five years and CURRENT for most of this 
year and worse things have happened to me than not being able to run 
vmware... and I've got myself out of them, with sometimes some help from the 
lists or friends.

And most of the time it works fine! I've got whizzy graphics, sound, apache, 
php, perl, usb digital camera, uncle Tom Cobbley and all, I read the UPDATING 
files and keep it all humming...

What mystifies me slightly is why I shouldn't be allowed to ask for help if 
something does go wrong, especially something like this, which seemed to me 
as likely to do with the vmware3 port as with broken CURRENT kldload code, or 
whatever it eventually turns out to be. I totally understand your warnings, 
and ultimately I am repared to take full responsibility for any catastrophic 
failure and consequent data loss which takes place as a result of my 
egregious cheek in running CURRENT (in which case it will be my wife's 
opinion, rather than that of anyone on a technical list which will matter to 
me!). I'm not Violet Elizabeth Bott threatening to thcweam and thcweam until 
YOU PEOPLE FIX MY COMPUTER, god damn it, or I'll take my custom elsewhere... 
just a bloke who likes messing around and trying to understand how this crazy 
thing we call bsd works...

Is that so wrong? Is it? Is it really?

Sorry, it is late, I am becoming hysterical. Let's stop this now before I get 

Thanks (really!),
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