On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:

On Tuesday, 17 August 2004 at 11:13:17 -0500, Sean Farley wrote:
On Tue, 17 Aug 2004, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:

This mouse has five buttons: the normal three on top, and one on
each side.  I can't find a way to get the side buttons to work, and
looking on the web hasn't shown anything of interest.

I assume you mean in X as opposed to moused although moused appears to support at least five buttons according to its man page.

No, this is with moused. It still needs to initialize the mouse.

Will you be using moused on the console? It is not needed to run X.


Can anybody recommend a good mouse?  My criteria are:

- Middle button easy to use.  The current crop of mice has the middle
 button integrated with the roller, and that makes the middle button
 either heavy or easy to confuse with the roller.

I am not aware of any makers of three-button mice without wheels. However, I have always Logitech as a brand.

- Preferably cordless.  Cord mice tend to wander a little when you let
 go of them, and that's a real nuisance on a high-resolution display.

Maybe you can find a cord-to-cordless converter--there is bound to be an engineer that has done this :)--if you find a mouse you like that just happens to have a tail.

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