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Thanks for the quick reply.  I'm not trying to access the internet
through this VPN, I want to access the internet through my own internet
connection, and have only the VPN traffic try to use the VPN tunnel.
The SmartPass VPN connection resides just fine without interfering with
my connection.  This is what I'm hoping for.

Does this make sense?

absolutly. in this case, i *beleive* it should be an option to set up the routing table on your local machine to not change your default route when i connets (which i probably is doing), and only add direct routes to the vpn connection. i know this is possible using a *nix vpn client, as it is on macosx. With a bit of work, or maybe a good bit of google, i'm sure at least xp can be coerced into this too.

hope this helps.


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