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Eric Crist wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm sorry this is a bit off-topic, but you're the only truly
> knowledgable group I know. ;)  Some fellow users and I have been
> having some issues connecting to a Cisco VPN system with
the built-in
> windows VPN software.  While successfully connected to the internet
> (at home, for example), I connect to the remote VPN.  Instantly, my
> internet connectivity seems to be lost, but I can use the VPN
> perfectly fine.  As soon as I disconnect, my internet
connectivity is
> completely restored. I have a second VPN I connect to using V-One's
> SmartPass software, and I have no issues (i.e. everything works
> perfectly, including my 'net connection).
> Anyone have any ideas?

probably (although not definatally) is related to a
misconfigured router
on the cisco VPN not allowing internet traffic out.  this might be
intentional too.  I run a very small vpn, and in order to keep
connection times down (my user base is um....  well then) i have
configured to not allow any traffic other than directly to
the machine
that hosts the vpn.

dunno if this helps much, but might give you a starting point.


Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not trying to access the internet
through this VPN, I want to access the internet through my own internet
connection, and have only the VPN traffic try to use the VPN tunnel.
The SmartPass VPN connection resides just fine without interfering with
my connection. This is what I'm hoping for.

Does this make sense?


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When I was using the Cisco VPN client to connect to our router as a terminator back in the olden days, there was an option for the security policy within the client software to totally disable access to non-secure networks while the client was active. I can't see Cisco changing that as time progressed.

There's also a couple of things to consider when working with the built in vpn software for Win2k and WinXP. Windows, when connected via builtin VPN, will connect with the remote network and provide a metric of 1 for that route and it will also be flagged as a default gateway (remote network of , it becomes your best, lowest metric, route to the world by design. I would say, that one of your vpn connections is configured to allow your traffic to pass through it to the net whereas one is not. Since my remote vpn users need access to medical web sites due to the nature of thier specific jobs, I have to provide them a method of either adjusting the metric on their individual systems or configure to allow their web traffic to proceed as required. To me, it's easier for me to allow their traffic and filter it heavily than to allow remote users in other states administrative control over their network settings.


Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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