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At 14:49 20/08/2004. Warren Block had this to say:

See the example of how to mount an ISO CD image in the examples section of the vnconfig man page; it should be the same, except the filesystem type will be msdos.

msdos?  Ok, that confuses me.  The flash card isn't msdos
compatible (or shouldn't be). According to fdisk, it is 165,
which is the way it was created:

Sorry, I missed that. Flash cards are almost always FAT formatted.

venus# vnconfig vn0 san32.img

I don't know what that does, but it does not agree with the examples in the vnconfig man page. Instead, it should be

vnconfig -c -v /dev/vn0 san32.img

(It may also need the -s labels option.)

Then you can mount it:

mount /dev/vn0 /mnt

The output is the same regardless if it is an image created by
dd'ing /dev/ad8 or /dev/rad8 (which is how I'm getting the
"san32.img" off the flash card in the first place).

The 'can't get disk parameters' worries me.  Does
dd if=/dev/rad8 of=san32.img
not do what I think?

Possibly not. I've only seen the "r" prefix for tape drives, meaning "rewind after use". As shown, I think it would copy every block of the card, the same as /dev/ad8.

If the card has a partition table, you should be able to dd the individual slices:

dd if=/dev/ad8s1 of=san32slice1.img
dd if=/dev/ad8s2 of=san32slice2.img

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

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