Chuck Swiger wrote:
Joe Kraft wrote:

I'm using a 4.10-STABLE based firewall, which is happily chugging along. It's sending it's daily messages to a local account via sendmail, which I check by logging in using an ssh connection.

[ ... ]

3) Is there a way to convince sendmail to send to something like [EMAIL PROTECTED] I could just put that in my existing aliases file and not have to install anything more.

The key part of your request is answered by using IP addrs in square brackets, which will not require DNS MX or A lookups. So, add something like:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] the ~/.forward file of root or wherever the mail is going to now. Yes, you could put this in the aliases, or even use a mailertable to redirect all local mail to the other system.

I tried doing it that way and it wouldn't go out either. I wound up adding the server to /etc/hosts and letting sendmail do it's lookup there. I never convinced sendmail to send to to the user foo on the server, is that supposed to be possible?


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