+++ Joe Kraft [freebsd] [24-08-04 22:49 +0100]:
| Chuck Swiger wrote:
| >Joe Kraft wrote:
| >
| >>I'm using a 4.10-STABLE based firewall, which is happily chugging 
| >>along. It's sending it's daily messages to a local account via 
| >>sendmail, which I check by logging in using an ssh connection.
| >
| >[ ... ]
| >
| >>3) Is there a way to convince sendmail to send to something like 
| >>[EMAIL PROTECTED]  I could just put that in my existing aliases file and 
| >>not have to install anything more.
| >
| >
| >The key part of your request is answered by using IP addrs in square 
| >brackets, which will not require DNS MX or A lookups.  So, add something 
| >like:
| >
| >
| >...to the ~/.forward file of root or wherever the mail is going to now.  
| >Yes, you could put this in the aliases, or even use a mailertable to 
| >redirect all local mail to the other system.
| >
| I tried doing it that way and it wouldn't go out either.  I wound up 
| adding the server to /etc/hosts and letting sendmail do it's 
| lookup there.  I never convinced sendmail to send to to the user foo on 
| the server, is that supposed to be possible?
| Joe.


> echo "this is a test mail" | mail "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"

(works in tcsh)

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