On Tue, 24 Aug 2004 22:11:47 -0500, Donald J. O'Neill
> August,
> I've been following this thread today. It's very interesting. It appears
> to me, you mentioned your mistake in your first post.
>  "did a mergemaster and didn't accept any changes (it was a fresh
>  system) rebooted and logged in"
> Without accepting those changes, you kept what you had. It wasn't a

This is what is confusing me about mergemaster. Isn't it "just" for
comparing and deciding which config files one wants kept? That is, if
I have a modifed pkgtools.conf or rc.conf or whatever I should be able
to merge it up with the newly rebuilt system (which would have fresh
versions of such files). Or I could just tell it to keep my old config
files cause they have all my modifications. I do get that the new conf
files may have changes we need, so merging is better. Now, why am i
babbling about this? Cause when doing the mergemaster on this system
my fingers got really fat and I'm not sure how I answered. Maybe this
lead to my problem. Would that cause a) the wrong kernel to be
installed or just b) the wrong kernel to be reported (ie did i screw
up the update of the file that stores the kernel details?).

Also, just for clarification, it WAS a fresh system, so, in theory,
mergemaster would not have had any changes to make (except if it
updates some text string somwhere that is the basis for the uname -v,
as in my  and b options above).

Sorry if this is painfully ignorant; I'm learning slowly! :-)

> fresh system and needed the information from mergemaster. If you didn't
> clear out /usr/obj, it might be possible to rerun mergemaster and
> accept the changes. I would keep MYCUSTOM somewhere other
> than /root/kernels. Personally, I use /home/save4rebuild, and keep a
> copy of everything else I think I might need. I've had to
> reinstall /, /var, /tmp, /usr, but I always manage to keep /home safe.

This seems to be what most people are saying ... and i think it makes
more sense. I have officially adopted save4rebuild for my systems! :-)

back to me rebuild (celeron 433 is a bit sloooow).

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