Thanks for the reply. I just discovered that if I save a email to a .ps file, then open it in GhostView, it will print perfectly. It's only when printed from within Mozilla Thunderbird that it prints the .ps code. In GhostView it prints to lp, in thunderbird it prints to Postscript/default which the properties show as lpr -Plp. In GhostView it shows properties for lp as local printer and Generic UNIX LPD Print System.
I guess I can save every email I want to print to a file, but I shouldn't have to, and really don't want to.

Malcolm Kay wrote:

There is really no absolute way of detecting postscript. Most of these filters assume that if the first two characters passed are %! then it
is postscript code but this character pair does not have to be at the
start of PS code or even anywhere in the code -- it's just a convention
that it should start with these characters; a convention that is mostly

So it would appear likely your e-mail application is not following the convention. Maybe a blank line precedes the traditional opening
PS line. Or maybe that line is not there at all.

You could perhaps print the e-mail to a file and examine in detail
how it begins. With this information it should be possible to adapt the print filter script to detect the alternative PS introduction.
Or even write a prefilter script that recognises the alternate PS start and converts it to a more conventional start. It might
for example only need to drop a leading new line character.

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