I'm still fighting with the Epson Stylus C63.  I can print images with gimp through 
gimp-print and after configuring cups I can print the test page and it looks great but 
I can't print anything else.  Other programs see the printer configured by cups and 
can send jobs to, what I assume to be the queue although they don't show up in 
kjobViewer and I can only verify their existence with lpc status all and it shows:
# lpc status all
        queuing is enabled
        printing is enabled
        1 entry in spool area
        c63 is ready and printing

The light on the printer blinks but it's never printed and just goes away.   I suppose 
that since I know nothing about cups, I'm mixing it with lpd with no knowledge of 
interoperability, assuming that it exists.

I would love to be able to just update apsfilter with the new gimp-print drivers and 
use lpd but I haven't been able to make it happen.  

I've recompiled ghostscript, gimp-print and apsfilter multiple times from ports.

Any additional suggestions would be appreciated.


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