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Thanks again for your reply.

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At 18:44 8/28/2004, Danny Mayer wrote:
>At 06:35 PM 8/28/2004, W. D. wrote:
>>I did some fooling around and found some diagnostic programs.
>I don't know why you are doing this since I already told you that
>I fixed a bug referenced in bugzilla #267 that fixed the broadcastclient
>problem. This is a waste of time.
>However, the proper way of debugging these problems is to run ntpd
>in debug mode: ./ntpd -D 2 -l stdout . You need to rebuild it with
>debug turned on.

OK.  I am fairly versed in the ways of Windows, but am a relative
newbie as far as FreeBSD/Unix/Linux goes.  So, rebuilding the
program with debugging turned, may be a simple matter for you,
but is quite a task for me.

>>The count column in the increments
>>every 4 seconds.  That IP address is the network
>>address for the Windows computer running Tardis.
>>Port 123 is the proper port for broadcast, yes?
>>So, from this ntpd is hearing these broadcasts,
>>but isn't acting on them correct?
>You cannot make any assumptions from what ntpdc tells you.
>You need to run ntpd in debug mode to find out.
>>What could possibly be stopping ntpd from adjusting
>>the clock?
>Without running ntpd in debug mode who can tell?
>>Does it have something to do with UTC/local time?
>>When I built this computer, I put in the correct
>>time (local daylight time) in the CMOS.  Does
>>ntpd depend on UTC?
>ntp doesn't know anything about local time and it's irrelevant.
>>Any other ideas?
>Install the latest tarball and the problem should be fixed. I don't
>know why you are continuing to use the wrong tools to figure out
>a solved problem.

Danny, I had run CVSup on FreeBSD, and it didn't update anything.
The latest version CVSup downloads is 2004 Oct. 15.

I am not real familiar with how the FreeBSD ports work, but I 
would think that this fairly major bug you fixed would cause
some updating of the ports so that newbies like me aren't
spinning our wheels trying to get broadcastclient to work.


I think that this is the tarball you are talking about, yes?


I tried to download it from UDel.edu, but their ftp server wouldn't
let me on.  I found it on the HTTP side:

Since I am familiar with FTP on FreeBSD, I needed to get it elsewhere.
I found it in 3 other places:

I am not certain what to do with it on FreeBSD now that I have it.
However, I'll dink around and see if I can update NTP on my 

Thanks again for pointing me in the proper direction.  I apologize
for my lack of understanding.  Hopefully, this post will help
others as well.

>>Thanks for your help!!
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