A W wrote:


       i am attempting to try FreeBsd on a very old computer,
unfortunatly it does not have any cd drive. And i do not know
which files to install. Leaving me with only 1 choice to use
FTP servers but the problem is the version of FreeBsd that
i've tried does not support the network card i have on the
computer which is a "3Com Etherlink III ISA (3C509b-TPO)
in PnP mode" i would like to know which versions of FreeBsd
supports this network card.

Thank you

Hi, "Alton"...

3Com cards almost always use the 'xl' driver, which is
built into the kernel and enabled by default.  How do
you know/how did you determine that your card is

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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