dave wrote:

I'm new in freebsd..and want to ask something.
1. Can freebsd handle more than 80 giga Harddisk?
   (maybe I want to use 100-200 Giga HD for data)
2. If I plugin a new harddisk, can be outomatic detect or I use do manual

Thank you,

best Regards,

1. Of course. Recent discussion on some list of another I'm reading is talking about breaking the 2TB limit, so 100G is no problem. I just added a 200GB WD HDD to my "desktop" unit yesterday AAMOF...

2.  The kernel will find it.  However, you must partition
and label it yourself (not that this is uncommon ... if you're
using Windows, you've still gotta use fdisk and format IIRC);
then you give it a mount point.  Good documentation in the
"Storage" chapter of the handbook <www.freebsd.org/handbook>.


Kevin Kinsey
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