At 5:59 PM -0500 2004-08-31, W. D. wrote:

 Do you have any idea how to get in touch with
 whoever is the FreeBSD port maintainer for NTP?

On a FreeBSD machine we use to help support the NTP Project, in /usr/ports/net/ntp, looking in the Makefile, I see:

                MAINTAINER=     [EMAIL PROTECTED]

It would be great to find out why it is done this way.

It's a FreeBSD standard. Frankly, it doesn't bother me at all.

 Also, I'd like to find out if the port maintainer
 could help update the NTP port so that this
 broadcastclient problem could be solved with the
 regular FreeBSD port, rather than having to do
 everything manually.

He will just tell you to update your port definition. The port definition I have is for version 4.2.0, and is fully current with our latest release.

Also note that 4.2.0 was recently integrated into the FreeBSD 5.* tree, so if you pick up one of the FreeBSD 5.3-BETA tarballs, that will bring you up to current. This version may also be incorporated into the upcoming release of the 4.* tree, if that has not yet already happened.

We have a pretty good relationship with the FreeBSD folks, and they tend to track things like ntpd pretty closely.

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