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> >If you are doing database stuff, then I can't imagine having a /var
> >of less than a few GB, unless you move a lot of stuff out of /var and
> >create links.   See some recent previous posts on the subject.
> (BTW, /var is 31GB)
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Did you miss this?

Actually, I mentioned that 31 is `a few' for some values of `a few'

I have no experience with mysql, but I'd think something is creating
tons of smaller files and not closing them, rather than a program
keeping a 31G file open (inflating 400M to 31G should be difficult even
for mysql). Try (yet another ugly fstat hack)

# fstat | grep /var | grep mysqld | wc -l

to show the number of files open by the mysqld process (or any other
process if you change the name) in the /var fs.

Did you try asking on a mysql-related list?

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