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On Sunday 10 October 2004 18:02, Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
> I installed vmware3 on my fbsd-4.1 box. This machine has one
> ethernetcard and is a part of my local network (
> The situation:
> Server -- internet ( - eth0
>  -- localnet ( - eth1
>   (gw, dnsserver)
> fbsdbox -- localnet ( - rl0
>  -- subnet2 ( - vmnet1 (vmware3)
>  -- windows on vmware3 (
> -does vmnet1 indeed have to be configured as a different subnet?
> -is vmnet1 the gateway for the vm win machines to be installed yet.
> -how do I get the diff subnets talking to each other?

In your case /dev/vmnet1 is used for bridging (line vmnet1.Bridged = "YES" in 
your VMware config). It bridges the network traffic from the inside of your 
virtual machine (win-guest) to your physical NIC and vice versa.

win-vm <--> bridge [vmnet1/rl0] <--> rl0 (phys) <--> localnet/gateway                  

The easiest solution is to assign a free ip-address of your localnet 
(192.168.11.nnn) to your win-guest. Try to avoid a setup of two subnets on 
one physical NIC.  
As /dev/vmnet1 acts as bridge it's ip-address isn't relevant. There is only 
the requirement that it's ip-address should not conflict with any already 
'in-use' ip-address on your network. So I would leave it as is (in theory a 
bridge doesn't need any ip-address - it operates on layer2).    

> -did I get the ipnat rules correct?

If you decide to use a ip-address in your localnet ip-range, just duplicate 
the host-specfic rules and change the host-ip( to your 
win-guest-ip (192.168.11.nnn) in theese rules. You maybe want to do some 
extra-blocking of unwanted win-specific traffic. I only use ipfw, so I'm not 
the one that can answer your ipnat question in detail.


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