You were given some good starting points for on line docs to get your more familiar with what you're getting into.
With a little effort in bringing yourself up to speed with FreeBSD, you will find how incredibly easy it is to build a
robust, secure, stable and reliable system where you get what you expect.

Here's a small peek into FreeBSD accommodating you're goals;
FreeBSD has a software/application repository called ports, (this thing is truly amazing!).
Within the ports directory you will find apache and mod_mp3. This will give you a web server with streaming mp3
capabilities. Not including the time to load up your mp3 collection and web pages, you could have this system
up, running and ready to satisfy your goals within an hour or 2, (taking that you have fast Internet connection and hardware)!

Read the Handbook on the FreeBSD site, use the mailing lists. Also grab a book. Two books that
helped me get started were Ted Mittelstaedt's 'The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide' and Michal Urban
and Brian Tieman's 'FreeBSD Unleashed 2nd edition'.


MAMware wrote:

wow that was fast, i got two responces i dont know how this exctaly works :S sry
so i reply to the first adress
thanks terry for the link im gonna check it (print it will by more usefull)
and SpiralEyed ididnt check the docs at but i didnt even
get to install it

im looking more exactly for a document or a web from someone who did
something like i wanna do, or some "how to" related, most docs online
are too large and contains a lot of info, i know its good but i just
wanna set up the site =/

well first of all i think that i need to read more becouse i dont even
know how this mailing list works (and gmail is making me crazy)

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