On 15 okt 2004, at 22:37, MAMware wrote:

hello i hope to send this email in the right place if not plz point me
where should i send

http://darkice.sourceforge.net/ http://liveice.sourceforge.net/ http://www.gnuware.com/icecast/

i wante to set up a server for www and music streams (for underground
electronic music in cordoba argentina)

nice! What kind of music?

i first stard about shoutcast and i dont want to run it over windows..
there are my reason why not.. there is no point to talk about that

shoutcast runs just fine on my pentium 2, 200 MHz.
I stream my sl1200 through a soundblaster AWE 16 directly to the internet.
this using darkice in combination with icecast
I tried a couple of livecast versions without any result.

so what i wanna know?

You wanna know everything :)


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