On 17.10.2016 5:44, Rostislav Krasny wrote:

I've been using FreeBSD for many years. Not as my main operating
system, though. But anyway several bugs and patches were contributed
and somebody even added my name into the additional contributors list.
That's pleasing but today I tried to install the FreeBSD 11.0 and I'm
upset about this operating system.

First of all I faced an old problem that I reported here a year ago:
Completely new USB flash drive flashed by the
FreeBSD-11.0-RELEASE-i386-mini-memstick.img file kills every Windows
again. If I use the Rufus util to write the img file (using DD mode)
the Windows dies immediately after the flashing. If I use the
Win32DiskImager (suggested by the Handbook) it doesn't reinitialize
the USB storage and Windows dies only if I remove and put that USB
flash drive again or boot Windows when it is connected. Nothing was
done to fix this nasty bug for a year.

I saw this particular bug, and I must say - man, it's not FreeBSD, it's Rufus. 
So far Windows doesn't have any decent tool to write the image with. As about 
Rufus - somehow it does produce broken images on a USB stick (not always 
though), which make every Windows installation to BSOD immediately after 
inserting. And this continues until you reinitialize the stick boot area. My 
opinion on this wasn't changing regardless of the operation system: if 
something traps after something valid happens (like USB flash is inserted) - 
that's OS problem, not the problem of whoever triggered this. Especially in the 
case when the USB flash is inserted, containing no FS that Windows can 
recognize and mount ouf-of-the-box. A non-bugged OS just shouldn't trap 
whatever is inserted in it's USB port, because it feels like in the cheap The 
Net movie with Sandra Bullock.

FreeBSD has many problems (and I'm upset with it too), but this just isn't it. 
Just because such thing never happens when you create the image using dd on 
just any OS that has it natively. So it's bad experience with Rufus, not with 

P.S. By the way, win32diskimager is a total mess too. Sometimes it just does 
nothing instead of writing an image. I did try almost all of the free win32 
tools to write image with, and didn't find any that would completely satisfy 
me. Rufus would be the best, if it didn't have this ridiculous bug with BSOD.


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