> >   5.
> >      One of the upgraded systems would repeatedly hang at boot, until I
> >      disabled the on-board firewire-device through the BIOS... It was
> >      not a problem under 7.x, although I don't know, whether the device
> >      actually worked.
> This is a commonly-reported problem, assuming "at boot" you mean "while
> the kernel is starting".  Or unless you're using a certain model of
> Shuttle box, but that turned out to be literally a BIOS bug:
> http://koitsu.wordpress.com/2009/05/22/shuttle-sg45h7-firewire-bug-in-bios-sg45u10o/

Looking at this link, it doesn't match the described issue.  Mikhail's
machine would not boot *until* he disabled the firewire controller in
the BIOS.  

The referenced issue on that Shuttle based machine talks about disabling
the firewire controller and *then* it still being alive when the system
powers on and crashing the system.

I interpret this as a bug. 


Also, I suck at reply-to.


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