Am 07.07.10 22:52, schrieb Mikhail T.:
07.07.2010 16:34, Randi Harper ???????(??):

Attached is the kernel config-file (i386), that worked fine under 7.x. The kernel-compile will break (some *freebsd7* structs undefined), without the
COMPAT_FREEBSD7 option. Try it for yourself...
Don't use a kernel config from 7. We've already told you this.
Your "telling" me this is just as valid as warning me against using computer-cases of a particular color. It is a silly requirement. My expecting things, that worked for 7, to work in 8 is reasonable. There may be (documented!) exceptions, but it ought to "just work".
No. Your expectation is plain wrong. The opposite should be true. If you do a major upgrade (and moving from 7.x to 8 is a major upgrade) you should expect all kinds of changes. What you can expect is, that they're documented in the release notes. This would be a fine gesture of the FreeBSD community. And since I use FreeBSD since 4.0, I can tell, that the documentation of changes is remarkable. If you expect that things continue to work after a major upgrade you really live in some kind of a dreamworld...

These changes aren't gratuitous. Did you read the commit messages
behind each of the changes? I'm guessing that you haven't.
No, and I'm not going to. A commercial OS would've been the laughing stock, if one hand to change C: to 1: between releases, for example...
Ah! But changing the $HOME of users of that commercial OS from c:\Documents and Settings\ to c:\Users is okay, right?
Wake up man!

Again: this particular change seems gratuitous.
It's not. You didn't bother researching before complaining.
I bothered to type up my list. Presumably, problem-reports are welcome. I've been a Unix-user since 1990, a FreeBSD user since 1993 (or 94?), and a project-member for a decade. If *I* have a problem, then newer users certainly will too. And, guess what, they'll simply go with something, that does not give as much grief...
Then they should do. pfff...
I'd like to see them using Linux, which obviously never changes arbitrary... ha. And if you're a unix user since the 1990'ies then you really should know better.

The modification should be necessary.
Why? Why should a netboot act differently from a local boot from CD?
Because it's a completely different type of booting? Oh come one...

You don't. But there is very little, that needs to be added there for it to "just work" over both netboot and local CD, and you should do it, instead of arguing with me here... No, I don't know, what it is exactly, but I'm quite certain, it can't be very much.
If it's that important to you, then send in a patch. As a FreeBSD user since 1993 (or 94) you could do your beloved OS a favor, right?

In fact, the article about PXE booting on the official freebsd website says
nothing about using the ISO. You just found some article that said it
was possible (and it is) and complained because you didn't like the
Yes, exactly. I didn't like process -- it is needlessly complicated. The same CD-image, /should/ also be usable "out of the box" for netbooting.
Then make it work, for f*cks sake!

> From the man page:

The amdtemp driver provides support for the on-die digital thermal sensor
      present in AMD K8, K10 and K11 processors.
I know nothing about the driver. But a utility I regularly used stopped working after upgrade, so I added that to my list of upgrade-related grudges.

As an old fashioned unix guru you should know lots and lots about the driver. Or at least, as a minimum, you should be aware of the available manpage for a utility you're using regularly!

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