On Sat, 21 Aug 2010, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:

On Saturday 21 August 2010 18:26:21 indulekha wrote:
what is the exact
command to enable or disable quirks, etc.


The format is:

usbconfig add_dev_quirk_vplh <vid> <pid> <lo_rev> <hi_rev> <quirk>

vid: VendorID
pid: ProductID

lo_rev: 0
Hi_rev 0xffff

quirk: your quirk UQ_XXX

If the driver shows a disconnect message or attach failure, then I think
quirks won't help.

Instead of replugging your device, it is sometimes possible to make the device
available using:

usbconfig -u X -a Y reset

Where X and Y are the ugenX.Y for your root HUB or your device.

You need to be root to execute these commands.

A real, working example of this would be an excellent addition to usbconfig(8). If you provide one, and explain what it does, I'll create a patch.
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