also, i'd like to hook up with a committer, as i'd like to have the finished drivers in the official tree.

both devices (the temper, and the imon) have uses suited to both home/workstation use, as well as server use, in fact my imon is installed in orb, which is a home multi-server (music, books, tv shows, movies, mysql, samba, etc), and i intend to use the imon vfd as a tool to get server info without having to login to the server (using the knob/button to select from a menu on the vfd), and it has uses in both home and enterprise server realms.

i think the source tree would benefit from having both drivers once completed.

Jim Bryant wrote:
i have some usb devices, in the hid class, that i am wanting to write some drivers for.

seeing that one of these previously had an older non-submitted driver for 5.x-7.x online, i thought that might be a good starting point (the imon vfd/lirc driver), but that does not work, due to the changes in the usb subsystem.

where can i find documentation on this subsystem?

are there any decent skeletons to start with, or does this need to be from scratch?

i'd like to start with a driver for the pcsensor temper usb thermometer, for which i already wrote a libusb util for, since these are widely sold, and very popular (and usually around $5 USD), and since it only has one transaction (read current temp), I figure it would be easier to start with while I learn the usb driver framework.

as for the imon vfd unit, i'd like to tackle that next. i have written libusb utilities for all of the display functions supported, and have documented the knob/button interrupt packets (only three packet types, clockwise, counterclockwise, and button down). all of the remote control functions are well-documented in lirc.

i've been looking through the sources in the sys tree, but would like to find some comprehensive documentation of the new usb subsystem, and maybe someone who can give me pointers as i go.


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