thanks.  am doing that now.

I already have one patch for this one....

what kind of idiot defines a constant assignment for a 32k buffer as a 15 bit left shift of 1?

clever, yes.  but in production, stupid.

a constant should be just that, a constant, and thus require no computation at runtime.

i'm old school, and what a lot of kids don't understand today is that small and efficient is still as applicable today as it was then.

*** ulpt.c~     Thu May  6 22:28:17 2010
--- ulpt.c      Sat Aug 28 01:42:11 2010
*** 87,93 ****
     &ulpt_debug, 0, "Debug level");

! #define       ULPT_BSIZE              (1<<15) /* bytes */
 #define       ULPT_IFQ_MAXLEN         2       /* units */

 #define       UR_GET_DEVICE_ID        0x00
--- 87,93 ----
     &ulpt_debug, 0, "Debug level");

! #define       ULPT_BSIZE              0x8000  /* bytes */
 #define       ULPT_IFQ_MAXLEN         2       /* units */

 #define       UR_GET_DEVICE_ID        0x00

Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On Friday 27 August 2010 10:53:38 Jim Bryant wrote:
it'll be a pair of character devices.

lirc compat is a goal of this project though.  most of the work is done
on that front, i just need to port that over from linux.  the features
of the imon remote control are well-supported in lirc.  /dev/lirc will
exist in my driver.

See sys/dev/usb/input/ulpt.c driver for how to create cdevs. Don't use cdev directly in the kernel.


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