I'm trying to get a USB webcam to work (Pixart Imaging, see 

I attach the webcam and:

# dmesg
ugen0.2: <Pixart Imaging Inc.> at usbus0

I run webcamd (I've tried both from ports and svn):

# ./webcamd
Attached ugen0.2[0] to cuse unit 0
Creating /dev/video0

I try using pwcview without success:

# pwcview
Webcam set to: 320x240 (sif) at 5 fps
libv4l2: error got 10 consecutive frame decode errors, last error: v4l-
convert: error unknown pac207 row header: 0xed90

Error reading from webcam: Resource temporarily unavailable

Skype is also unable to use the webcam (green image with corruption in top 
half of the image).  According to the webpage referenced above the webcam 
should be usable.  

Please help,


P.S. I'm not on list

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