Quoting Hans Petter Selasky <hsela...@freebsd.org> (from Tue, 2 Nov 2010 13:00:54 +0100):

On Tuesday 02 November 2010 11:01:34 Alexander Leidinger wrote:
# procstat -kk 29213
   PID    TID COMM             TDNAME           KSTACK
29213 100291 usbconfig        -                mi_switch+0x188
sleepq_switch+0x13c sleepq_timedwait+0x40 _sleep+0x320 pause+0x30
usb_pause_mtx+0x94 usb_ioctl+0x171 devfs_ioctl_f+0x73 kern_ioctl+0x9d
ioctl+0xc5 syscallenter+0x1af syscall+0x34 Xint0x80_syscall+0x21

> somewhere in umass_detach(), which is preventing the usbconfig reset from

No umass_detach in there...


The USB threads are joined into a single process and not visible from "ps".

Is there a special reason why it is not visible?


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