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on 02/11/2010 14:00 Hans Petter Selasky said the following:
On Tuesday 02 November 2010 11:01:34 Alexander Leidinger wrote:
# procstat -kk 29213
   PID    TID COMM             TDNAME           KSTACK
29213 100291 usbconfig        -                mi_switch+0x188
sleepq_switch+0x13c sleepq_timedwait+0x40 _sleep+0x320 pause+0x30
usb_pause_mtx+0x94 usb_ioctl+0x171 devfs_ioctl_f+0x73 kern_ioctl+0x9d
ioctl+0xc5 syscallenter+0x1af syscall+0x34 Xint0x80_syscall+0x21

somewhere in umass_detach(), which is preventing the usbconfig reset from

No umass_detach in there...


The USB threads are joined into a single process and not visible from "ps".
Not sure how you can get a list of all threads.

-H option would that for ps.
But I am not why mentioned ps, because procstat shows the threads, e.g. procstat
-k -a will show stacks of all non-running kernel threads.

So withdraw my last question (the answer to HPS' message that it is not shown in ps), as I already provided the procstat -kka | grep umass_detach part (no trace of it).

There is every half an hour a job which is polling an USB device. This job is not proceeding anymore (each instance started hangs), so it looks like the USB system is in a f*ed-up state (it does not matter to me if this is because of the "usbconfig reset ugen4.2" or not). I rebooted the system to get again the data flowing from this job.

Looks like I'm able to trigger this situation within some days. If someone wants me to run some specific commands, be it in kdb or something else, please specify clearly (kdb commands / instructions) what you want and I try to provide this info by setting up the system in a way to get into the same situation again.


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