On Saturday 19 March 2011 10:45:01 Warren Block wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Mar 2011, Barry Kominik wrote:
> > I solved the issue. There were no errors. I set moused_port="/dev/ums0" in 
> > rc.conf. Sorry for the noise. This is my first PC-BSD install, I do not 
> > recall being asked if I was using a usb mouse. I am coming from and OpenBSD 
> > and OpenSolaris background and didn't grok /etc/default/rc.conf. Once I 
> > looked inside it was obvious what to do.
> Thinking about it, it really doesn't seem that obvious.  The Handbook 
> kind of skips over it instead of saying "If you have a USB mouse, it 
> will be detected and moused started automatically."

not really. At least not at my machine. If I do not have a 


in my rc.conf, I do not get X to work later. But I still have the mouse 
available. Enabling moused in rc.conf leads to a frozen mouse on at least two 
of my machines.

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